Demystifying Talent Acquisition - Executive Search

Executive Search and Selection for us is

  • NOT a transaction – but a Collaborative Engagement
  • Representing our CLIENTS as they themselves
  • A Personal ~ Professional approach - Our experienced team maintains relationships with high profile executives across niche segments of technology, business service and all functions
  • Touch Based - executive Search & selection Approach enabling a healthy success ratio for our stakeholders
  • Predictive assessments in selection
  • Sourcing strategy
  • Employer Branding and Right messaging
  • Flexible Systems and Processes
  • Scalable and Holistic Solution

Why Niche

Metamorphosis, not Evolution

  • New Entity, Same team
  • Proven execution & Rich Management experience
  • Industry and market understanding
  • To facilitate in conceptualizing and implementing global best practices for Niche Centre of Excellence (COE)
  • Mature Process methodologies
  • Govern Ourselves through a values-driven partnership

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